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Forever Spring Phalaenopsis arranged in Moon Shadow White Porcelain Cachepot The magnificent markings on the petals and sepals of this Phalaenopsis will demand a closer look from anyone entering the room. Reminiscent of a delicately patterned silk evening gown on the runway, this exquisite orchid is complemented perfectly by a soft glazed cachepot shown here. This magnificent epiphytic orchid prefers a north- or east-facing window and will require only slight changes in temperature for reblooming next season. Welcome a potted Phalaenopsis into your home and enjoy its exotic beauty for many years to come.


Due to varying supplies and demand, we occasionally run out of a particular plant or flower. If this should be the case with a flower you ordered, we will ship you a flower with as close to the same features as possible.


In all cases, when a substitution is necessary, it will be of equal or greater value to the plant you ordered.


If the plant you ordered is simply unavailable, you will receive a courtesy call or email from our representative to discuss a possible substitution. Your credit card will not be charged until orchid is confirmed and shipped.



Forever Spring Phalaenopsis arranged in Moon Shadow White Porcelain Cachepo BUY 375.00

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