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Hand Crafted Dogwood Japonica Arranged in Antique Satsuma Porcelain Each hand painted dogwood flower, woven from a blend of French Cotton and Japanese Silk, is attached petal by petal to naturally dried branches harvested from a 200 year old oak tree in Sonoma California. The artist spends nearly a month designing each hand-sculpted piece, creating a timeless floral sculpture that is at once a work of nature, and a work of art. This Satsuma porcelain vase was once part of a Temple in Kyoto, Japan. The Japanese Akita, a breed of dog originating from the mountainous northern region of Japan, are on top of the cover while the pair is guarding the vessel as handles. It is decorated with Golden Phoenix sitting on top of flowering branches in mountain scene. Circa Late 19th Century, Kyoto, Japan. Painted by Hand. Dogwood Japonica: $1200 Satsuma Porcelain Cover Jar: $2900 FOR MORE DETAILS ON THIS PRODUCT, PLEASE CALL OUR GALLERY AT (415) 567-2443


Due to varying supplies and demand, we occasionally run out of a particular plant or flower. If this should be the case with a flower you ordered, we will ship you a flower with as close to the same features as possible.


In all cases, when a substitution is necessary, it will be of equal or greater value to the plant you ordered.


If the plant you ordered is simply unavailable, you will receive a courtesy call or email from our representative to discuss a possible substitution. Your credit card will not be charged until orchid is confirmed and shipped.



Hand Crafted Dogwood Japonica Arranged in Antique Satsuma Porcelain BUY $4100

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