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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids
Alec Pridgeon (Editor) Foreword by Alasdair Morrison
Our Price: $ 29.95

This work "covers 1,100 common species. The alphabetical section (from Acacallis to Zygostates) offers descriptions, names and synonyms, geographicdistribution, and recommendations for successful cultivation, as well as . . . color photographs. The entries list the tribe and subtribe to which each orchid belongs. There is also general information on hybridization, cultivation, pests and diseases, conservation, and pollination." (Booklist) Glossary. Bibliography. Index.

Taylor's Guide to Orchids
Taylor's Guide to Orchids
Judy White
Our Price: $20.00

Although they are the world's most exotic plants, many orchids will thrive in the average home. In this comprehensive guide, endorsed by the executive director of the American Orchid Society, you'll learn:

1. How to select the best orchids for the growing conditions in your own home
2. Everything you need to know about purchasing, potting, watering, and fertilizing your plants
3. The newest information on the organic control of pests and diseases

Orchids Simplified: An Indoor Gardening Guide
Orchids Simplified: An Indoor Gardening Guide
Henry Jaworski

Our Price: $22.00

Once considered the exclusive domain of experts and mild eccentrics, orchids can in fact be grown easily by anyone who has basic indoor gardening skills and a convenient, sunny windowsill. This clearly written and illustrated guide provides all the know-how and inspiration needed to begin cultivating brilliant blooms year round. Color photos throughout.

Orchids as House Plants
Orchids as House Plants
Rebecca Tyson Northen
Our Price: $7.95

This book shows you how to produce flowering orchids in your home with the modern methods that are already enabling thousands of people to cultivate orchids successfully in their living rooms, sun porches, basements, and elsewhere. Thoroughly revised and brought completely up to date, this book explains the basic needs of orchids and shows you the three common methods of growing them in the house - in a window, in a case, and under artificial light. It goes on to describe cattleya and many other fascinating kinds of orchids that do well as house plants, including what they each need in the way of temperature, light, humidity, and other requirements.

Growing Orchids Indoors
Orchids for every home
Wilma Rittershausen, Brian Rittershausen
Our Price: $27.95

Everything you need to know about selecting and caring for orchids. This lavishly illustrated guide makes orchid growing easy and will help readers find the right orchid for the condition in their home. Profiles of more than 120 varities include a description of each plant and its flowers, when it blooms and breathtaking photos.

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