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You Can Grow Cattleya Orchids
You can Grow Cattleya Orchids, Revised Second Edition
Mary Noble
Our Price: $12.95

A seductive journey into the obsessive, outrageous, and mesmerizing world of orchids.
From the steaming jungles of Borneo to the hallowed hallways of Kew Gardens, from the clandestine orchid nurseries of Europe to the peat bogs of northern Minnesota, here are luscious, sexy flowers, orchid smugglers, fist-fighting botanists, moths with twelve-inch-long tongues, and government officials who raid orchid nurseries with attack dogs and automatic weapons. Strange tales of insect pollinator fidelity, the orchid ice cream makers of eastern Turkey, and man-crushing killer orchids weighing half a ton are blended with stories about a wide range of gentle people whose passion in life is the creation of scented, fragile flowers.

If your orchids are Cattleyas, this black and white book is highly recommended by Isabella. You will find excellent tips and simple yet effective techniques in growing these South American beauties.

Orchids: Care and Cultivation
Orchids Care and Cultivation
Gerald Terquem and Jean Parisot
Our Price: $24.95

From fertilizers and containers to pruning, watering, and weeding, the essential information you need to know is here. The last section describes 30 orchid genera, including their history, physiology, and horticulture requirements. Rather than simply admire the beauty of orchids, why not cultivate some of your own! Trim size: 8 1/4 x 10 1/2.

Ortho?s All About Orchids
Ortho's All About Orchids
Ortho Books Elvin McDonald
Our Price: $11.95

"Orchids" helps beginners develop the basic skills necessary to progress to more difficult techniques.148 full-color photos.

This is book is highly recommended by Isabella. Its simple, easy to use with step by step color images on feeding, repotting and watering. A perfect orchid book for all beginners.

Growing Classic Orchids: An Illustrated Identifier and Guide to Cultivation
Growing Classic Orchids
An Illustrated Identifier and Guide to Cultivation
Mike Tibbs & Ray Bilton
Our Price: $12.95

Nothing tests the skills of flower gardeners like the fascinating orchid. Get in-depth information on cultivation, modern propagation methods, and greenhouses and arboretums. Stunning full-color photos display dozens of fabulous species—plus new hybrids—and reference charts indicate each variety's feeding and climate requirements. Includes European terrestrial, cool-growing, intermediate house, and a selection of tropicals. Use the orchid identifier—with facts on habitat, flowering time, and more—to choose plants for your collection. Plus: advice on presenting prize specimens in shows. 96 pages (all in color), 8 1/2 X 11.

John R. Dunmire & Jack Kramer
Our Price: $12.95

That all orchids require highly specialized care and equipment is a popular misconception. By taking the mystery out of successfully cultivating these exotic beauties, Orchids enables you to enjoy their sensual appeal on a day-to-day basis. It provides simple-to-follow guidelines for growing healthy orchids indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse environment. Orchids also offers a historical overview of this "aristocrat" of flowers, with stunning color photos to illustrate the many mesmerizing varieties.

This is book is highly recommended by Isabella. Its simple, easy to use with step by step color images on feeding, repotting and watering. A perfect orchid book for all beginners.

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