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The Gardener's Guide to Growing Orchids
Growing Successful Orchids: In the conservatory & greenhouse
Mark Isaac-Williams
Our Price: $19.95

Seductive, fragile, and exotic, orchids have tempted and daunted gardeners for centuries. Now, with this illustrated, comprehensive guide, these elegant blooms can flourish indoors in a small greenhouse or conservatory. There are more than 300 color photos of the most photogenic species, including jewel orchids and pleione, and 50 detailed illustrations that specifically focus on care and cultivation in the domestic environment. Information on pests, diseases, and common ailments provide everything you'll need to keep your plants healthy. An easy-reference orchid glossary gives quick access to facts on each member of this outrageously glamorous family of plants. Soon you'll grow breeds that yield the most intoxicating fragrances, or those that resemble bees, wasps, butterflies or even spiders.

A History of the Orchid
A History of the Orchid
Merle A. Reinikka Gustavo A. Romero
Our Price: $29.95

The intriguing adventures of orchid hunters and the early attempts at orchid identification and classification are described in the pages of Merle A. Reinikka's A History of the Orchid. Part I of this book offers a glimpse of the important dates, names, and incidents relevant to the historical role of orchids from ancient times to the recent past. Part II offers biographical sketches of more than 50 sigificant figures in orchid history and their contributions to the field. First published in 1972, A History of the Orchid is back with additions to the excellent bibliography and updated nomenclature supplied with the expert help of Robert L. Dressler and Gustavo A. Romero. The first book to bring to public attention the lives of orchid hunters and the myths and mysteries of their beloved plants is now available to a new generation of orchid lovers. Both amateurs and longtime orchid enthusiasts will be thrilled with the return of this book.

Orchid Growing Basics
Orchid Growing Basics
Gustav Schoser
Our Price: $12.95

"Schoser's compact paperback, with 128 pages in color, gives advice on growing, repotting, propagation, fertilization, protection against parasites and diseases, crossbreeding, and general care. There's information on the structure of orchid plants, what to look for when buying, a list of orchids that are easy to cultivate, a list of those for gardeners with experience, and a list of plants that go well with orchids (mainly epiphytes such as bromelia). Schoser has written an informative and concise manual that is most useful for beginners."—Booklist. 128 pages (all in color), 6 3/4 X 9 1/2.

Vandas: Their Botany, History, and Culture
Vandas: Their Botany, History, and Culture
Martin R. Motes & Alan L. Hoffman (Photographer)
Our Price: $32.95

Modern vandas are the most spectacular of all cultivated orchids, offering a kaleidoscopic range of colors and often blooming six times a year or more with flowers lasting up to eight weeks. This book presents for the first time a history of the introduction of Vanda species and an accurate modern scientific view of the genus, including exciting developments in hybridization. Drawing on 40 years of practical experience, the author offers a comprehensive horticultural treatment that includes the botany, breeding, care, and cultivation of vandas. All major diseases and pests and their control are discussed. Written for the advanced horticulturist, Vandas addresses not only the culture for temperate greenhouses, but also that for tropical and subtropical gardens and shade houses, the places where these orchids are most commonly grown.

Vandas are one of the most complicated orchids to grow indoor by beginners. It is almost impossible for Vandas to bloom without sufficient light and water. Although this book is design for advanced enthusiasts, Isabella recommends this book for beginners who wish to learn more about Vandas and their culture. The book describes some basic information on watering, feeding and prorogation.

Ultimate Orchid
Ultimate Orchid
Thomas J. Sheehan Smithsonian Institution Staff American Orchid Society Staff
Our Price: $25.00

This slim but encyclopedic guide to the exotic, beguiling orchid bears the imprimatur of both the Smithsonian Institution (home to one of the world's best orchid collections) and the American Orchid Society, so it is no wonder that the information is exhaustive and authoritative. Scores of vivid photographs accompany listings for more than 350 varieties of orchids, ensuring that even the most fanatic orchid enthusiast is bound to uncover an unknown fact or unfamiliar flower. A wonderful final section deals with growing, propagating, and caring for orchids, as well as touching upon orchid shows and the important topic of conservation.

This is book is highly recommended by Isabella. Its simple, easy to use with step by step color images on feeding, repotting and watering. A perfect orchid book for all beginners.

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