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Potted Phalaenopsis in Classic Glass Vase
Premium, multiple spikes Phalaenopsis Orchid
Although roses are impressive when given as a gift, very few flowers can match the beauty and sophistication of Phalaenopsis. Long after the roses have wilted away, these beautiful orchids will still be in full bloom. With proper care, the orchid you will receive will last up to three months. Let's see any bouquet of roses try to match that!

Beautiful Orchids are pleased to offer you this unique and long lasting way to show that special someone you care. The simplistic beauty of Phalaenopsis' long elegant stems are magnified by the elevation of the ceramic pagoda stand, while the clear glass vase allows them to view the unusual root structure that is not often viewed.

Plants are shipped in bud, approximately one week from blooming. The buds will open gradually, growing more spectacular by the day for up to 6-8 weeks in perfection. This is to ensure you get the full blooming stage of this magnificent plant - only from Beautiful Orchids. Enjoy!

Phalaenopsis in Clear Glass only
Phalaenopsis with Pagoda stand
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