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South American White Miltonia arranged in Red Lacquered Cachepot The snowy white petals, red sepal and golden yellow centers of this hybrid are Mother Nature's way of expressing the subtle beauty that only she can provide. The round, flat blossoms of the Miltonia, with moth like marking, are at their most fragrant in the early morning and late afternoon. Like most pansy-orchids, this Miltonia requires little attention. The plant is approximately 12 inches tall and shipped with 3-5 buds, which will bloom for up to 4-5 weeks. Accentuate the beauty of your potted white Miltonia in a Balmoral red lacquered finish cachepot as shown in the picture. Own both of them now and enjoy!


Due to varying supplies and demand, we occasionally run out of a particular plant or flower. If this should be the case with a flower you ordered, we will ship you a flower with as close to the same features as possible.


In all cases, when a substitution is necessary, it will be of equal or greater value to the plant you ordered.


If the plant you ordered is simply unavailable, you will receive a courtesy call or email from our representative to discuss a possible substitution. Your credit card will not be charged until orchid is confirmed and shipped.



South America White Miltonia arranged in Red Lacquered Cachepot BUY 165.00

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