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Wildcat Odontoglossum arranged in Porcelain Satin Bronze Vessel Interbred nearly 40 years ago, the Wild Cat's proud parents--Miltonia, Odontoglossum, and Oncidium--provided us with a wonderful new addition to the Orchid family. Wild Cat lives up to its name by producing blooms with a gorgeous medley of lustrous chocolate brown, brilliant yellow, and deep red. Its petals have a texture similar to dried fruit. One of the fellows responsible for interbreeding this genus is SIR JEEMIAH COLEMAN, for whom the Colmanara is named. Exquisite. The "elite" Wild Cat provides an exotic accent that would look just as good in a Southwest-style setting as it would in an Asian-theme or Ikea Postmodern room. Best of all, we found this orchid to adopt easily in any temperature, thus demands very little care.


Due to varying supplies and demand, we occasionally run out of a particular plant or flower. If this should be the case with a flower you ordered, we will ship you a flower with as close to the same features as possible.


In all cases, when a substitution is necessary, it will be of equal or greater value to the plant you ordered.


If the plant you ordered is simply unavailable, you will receive a courtesy call or email from our representative to discuss a possible substitution. Your credit card will not be charged until orchid is confirmed and shipped.



Wildcat Odontoglossum arranged in Porcelain Satin Bronze Vessel
BUY 165.00

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