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After blooming, cut off the Amaryllis flowers to prevent seed formation. The foliage should be handled with loving care. Amaryllis use this time to store food in the bulb for future flower development. Place your Amaryllis in as bright an indoor location as possible, until it is warm enough to sink the pot in soil outdoors where it should receive direct sunlight. Gradually move it to a brighter location where eventually it has full sun for five or six hours daily. Fertilize with a balanced houseplant food at regular intervals in order to build up the nutrients needed for blooming the following year.

Temperature: Amaryllis likes a warm spot indoors with indirect lights until the flower stalk is approximately 8" tall. At that time, move the plant to a brighter location out of direct sublight.

Bright diffused light is necessary to bring Miltonia into bloom; this can include a little sun (not direct sunlight) for up to two hours a day.

When your Amaryllis is in bud and bloom, water it when the soil at the top of the pot feels slightly dry to the touch and until water runs out of the bottom of the pot.

Nutrients: Fertilizers are not required, while your Amaryllis is in bloom. Follow care information to the left during other periods.

Year Round:
Amaryllis can also be kept growing year-round without the traditional rest and subsequent forcing. When handled this way, however, the bulbs probably will not bloom until late Spring. They still require annual repotting or topdressing along with adequate light and fertilizer to ensure repeated blooms.


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